Location of Natural work files

I am new to Adabas/Natural. Does anybody know where Natural work files are kept? I used the SYSOBJH wizard to export my Natural libraries successfully but I can’t find where the exported library has been created. Is it in an Adabas database or a VSAM file?

Help would be much appreciated.

It goes to the CMWKF01 dataset as a flat file. This should be defined in your JCL or in the proc that you are executing in your JCL.

Hi Daniel, thanks for responding. I am running Natural under CICS, I looked through the JCL and joblog for CICS but did not find anything like CMWKF01 as a DDNAME or a file. The only other connected job is ADANUC, the Adabas nucleus job but nothing like CMWKF01 in it either.

Any suggestion would be much appreciated,


Work files are temporary under CICS. They are gone once your Natural session ends. You need to run your request in batch. Samples of JCL and Object Handler requests are available in a previous post. [url]SYSOBJH - how to use - Adabas-Natural - Software AG Tech Community & Forums

This topic has been covered several times before. Search the archives for SYSOBJH for more information.

SYSOBJH in batch worked great, thanks!