System error 22 while creating a new database

we are using the vmware version of the crossvision software (suse enterprise 10.1) and every time I want to create an new database (DBID: 001) with the DBA-workbench (v 51.4) I get the error code:

%ADAFRM-W-PAROBS, parameter ACSIZE has become obsolete

%ADAFRM-E-ERRSYNC, System error (22): Invalid argument occurred during semaphore operation
%ADAFRM-E-CREERR, Dataset ASSO1, file /opt/softwareag/ada/db001/ASSO1.001 could not be created
%ADAFRM-I-REMOVED, dataset ASSO1, file /opt/softwareag/ada/db001/ASSO1.001 removed
%ADAFRM-I-IOCNT,        320 IOs on dataset ASSO
%ADAFRM-I-IOCNT,        320 IOs on dataset ASSO

When I try using an ID which has not been used yet creating (including the sample DB-Data) is no problem but if i try to activate the database the following failure occurs (nucleus log):

%ADANUC-I-CREATED, dataset NUCTMP1, file /opt/softwareag/ada/db004/NUCTMP1.004 created
%ADANUC-F-MPGDTAE, GDT access error by adanuc/adadmn, reason: msg create

io_term: Stack Backtrace (C):

Thread Start SP 00000000 - Current SP bf91487c - Page Size 4096

Dump Stack (bf914000 - 00000fff)

%ADANUC-I-REMOVED, dataset NUCTMP1, file /opt/softwareag/ada/db004/NUCTMP1.004 removed
%ADANUC-I-IOCNT,         64 IOs on dataset TEMP
%ADANUC-I-IOCNT,         14 IOs on dataset ASSO
%ADANUC-I-ABORTED,      02-OCT-2007 13:46:12, ...

Sorry for being late, but I’d like to add some hints to the

your Linux system parameters are not set correctly.
Try to add following in /etc/sysctl.conf:
kernel.shmmax = 1096000000
kernel.msgmnb = 65535
kernel.msgmax = 65535
kernel.msgmni = 1024
kernel.shmmni = 4096
kernel.sem = 1024 512000 120 1024

The parameters will set the ‘maximal usable share memory’,
IPC message queue and semaphore resources.

After it, run under root ‘sysctl -p /etc/sysctl.conf’.
Then the parameters are set high enough to start Adabas.
Due to the first tries starting Adabas, IPC resources are not cleaned
up correctly.
You can list the IPC resources with the command ‘ipcs’.
You can remove IPC resources with the command ‘ipcrm’.