ADABAS DB Crashing

We have a very old system (circa 1993) running Adabas v 4.1.1 on OpenVMS 7.3.
This has been working fine but now the database crashes when trying to access it. The dump file shows the following :
%SYSTEM-F-ACCVIO, access violation, reason mask=04, virtual address=0000000031539969, PC=FFFFFFFF800074E0, PS=0000001B

Any ideas on how to resolve this please?

Hi Helen,

Is the now a permanent error?
Did you ddo a restart of the database?


Hello Wolfgang,
The error is permanent :frowning:
We have tried several times to restart the database which results in the same issue, I can see the database processes and the log files show that the database has started successfully but when we try to access the database it crashes.

We have also restarted the server (several times) but still see this issue.

Also when trying to do an export of the database we receive

%ADAORD-I-EXPORT, exporting file 20
%TRACE, ORDEXP - STP185, Invalid length detected at PC00032554, time 21-JAN-206 18:51:32.86

%SYSTEM-F-OPCDEC, opcode reserved to Digital fault at PC=000000000003255C, PS=0000001B


The ADAREP utility produces the database status report. This report contains information about the current physical layout and logical contents of the database.

The information in this report includes the following: the amount and location of the space currently allocated for the Associator and Data Storage; the amount and location of unused space available for Associator and Data Storage; database file summary; checkpoint information; information about each file in the database (space allocation, space available, number of records loaded, MAXISN setting, field definitions).

maybe talk “checkpoint information

I would suggest to call Adabas Support to discuss your issues in more detail. Maybe there are already
fixes available.

Thanks for the reponses :smiley: Using my limited ADABAS knowledge I have identified the issue is with one file (File 20 SYS-USER-GRP) I have run ADAVFY and receive the following

%ADAVFY-E-DATIOR, ISN 2037345392 not between LOWISN and FFISN , rp=^x0004 in data RABN 568
%ADAVFY-E-ACRABN, Unable to get address converter RABN 2457798
%ADAVFY-E-DATAWRB, ISN 2037345392 points to wrong data RABN 0, expected 568
%ADAVFY-E-ZERISN, Zero ISN found in record, RABN 568, rp=^x06D49
%ADAVFY-I-RABIGN, RABN 568 ignored
%ADAVFY-I-VEREND, Data storage verification completed

%ADAVFY-I-VERSTR, Address Convertor Verification
%ADAVFY-E-ZRECSZ, Record length of zero found, RABN 568, rp=^x0EAC1
%ADAVFY-E-ACNISN, Address-convertor 1538, ISN 6255 not in data RABN 568

(continue with several more lines as above)

%ADAVFY-I-RECLOD, File 20 has 5259 records loaded

%ADAVFY-E-DBERRS, File 20, SYS-USER-GRP, errors = 21
Will this issue go away if I restore FILE 20 from a previous export or is it more complicated than that ?
Thank you