Suraj Kumar's Artistic Evolution at IUG: The Unlikely Artist!

As promised, let’s dive into a lovely story of artistic transformation that unfolded at the recent International User Group Conference (IUG) in Budapest. (Find part of the story: Strengthening Our Humanity in the Age of AI: A BotJoy Initiative)

Suraj Kumar, the Head of the Integration and API Management Business Unit, began his day declaring, “I am not an artist!” Fast forward a few minutes later, and he with a smile he’s holding a BotJoy bot of his own creation — a testament to our innate creativity.

His journey was not just an individual triumph, but one of encouragement and inspiration. And lucky for us, every stage of his evolution was captured on tape, from his initial reluctance to his blossoming artistic pride. Thanks Suraj for sharing these lovely moments with us!

And let’s not forget the beautiful bots crafted by those from the “not-an-artist” camp.
Some of the most awe-inspiring creations came from those who initially hesitated to put an acrylic pen to the domino.

At the end of the day, we were all artists. We painted, laughed, and painted some more. Each stroke of our brushes was a testimony to the dormant creativity that lies within us, waiting for the right moment to spring forth.

Many BotJoy Bot were lovingly painted with a special person in mind. “This one’s for my granddaughter,” an attendee would share. Another would declare, “I’m crafting this for a colleague doing amazing work.” These miniature pieces of art, each unique and poignant, were destined to touch hearts and celebrate relationships.

However, it wasn’t just about individual connections. have found a grand purpose. They are now destined to become part of an exciting new art installation at Software AG’s HQs in Darmstadt.

Curious about what this community-created masterpiece will look like? You’ll have to join us in our next blog post to discover the beautiful outcome of this collective artistic endeavor. Stay tuned!

Many attendees painted with the broader community in mind, creating bots for the collective good. We will reveal what we are going to do with these over 200 BotJoy Boots that they graciously donated in the next post.

Keep creating, keep inspiring!