Strengthening Our Humanity in the Age of AI: A BotJoy Initiative

As we tread deeper into the age of Artificial Intelligence and machine-generated content, we must pause and reflect on the essence of our humanity. One thing is for certain - we need to reconnect, rekindle, and rediscover our creative instincts. And what better way to do this than with BotJoy Bots at Software AG’s International User Group Conference (IUG) in the heart of Budapest?

World-renowned artist Gary Hirsch brought his unique blend of creativity and innovation to the IUG, wielding a simple yet powerful tool - Domino pieces, waiting to be transformed into BotJoy bots. The goal? To pull us back from the digital maeliss and re-establish our connection with our own humanity.

In a world where screens dominate our lives, the tactile experience of painting a domino piece was, in many ways, a welcome respite. Many attendees initially balked at the idea - “I’m not an artist!” they claimed. But with gentle prodding and reassurances, their reluctance gave way to a creative flow they didn’t even know they possessed.

The result? An explosion of colors and shapes as unique and diverse as the people who made them. Some painted their bots as tokens of appreciation for colleagues, others as gifts for their loved ones. In an unexpected twist, these tiny pieces of art became a symbol of our shared humanity and creativity.

Join us again in our next post when we’ll dive into the artistic journey of Suraj Kumar, the Head of the Integration and API Management Business Unit, and his transformation from a self-proclaimed non-artist to a full-fledged bot creator!

P.S. One more impression from the bot-making at IUG

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