“The best stories are yours” series – part 6


At the Gartner IT Symposium, Software AG unveiled Super iPaaS - our innovative vision that empowers you to integrate anything, anywhere, in any manner you choose. We are seizing this opportunity to highlight the iPaaS customer experience, featuring new videos and revisiting stories we’ve previously shared with you.

By Customer Advocacy Marketing team, Software AG


:play_or_pause_button: Croatia Insurance: Seamless Integration with webMethods
Croatia Insurance turned to webMethods to break free from tightly coupled IT systems, enabling rapid integration and innovation. Discover how the power of webMethods enhances operations, streamlines processes, and helps to stay ahead in the digital landscape.

:play_or_pause_button: Oriflame’s Integration Journey with Software AG’s webMethods
Explore Oriflame’s mission of fulfilling dreams through their global network of independent beauty consultants in this engaging video. Discover how they tackle integration challenges with the help of Software AG’s webMethods, connecting with partners worldwide, including 80 banks and couriers.

:play_or_pause_button: MM Service GmbH: Connecting Mission and Growth with Software AG’s webMethods
Explore MM Service GmbH’s mission to ensure the delivery of end-user products via effective packaging solutions. Learn how Software AG helped to address challenges related to system communication and transparency, contributing to the company’s growth.


:open_book: Medical Industrie: Streamlining B2B sales—with seamless integration
Read how Medical Industrie GmbH & Co. KG partnered with Software AG to optimize & streamline their B2B sales with seamless integration.

:open_book: Socomec: Hybrid Integration powers low voltage systems
One hybrid integration tool allowed Socomec to boost security, improve efficiency, and achieve total visibility over its business workflows.

:open_book: Video conferencing provider: Keeping workforces connected with webMethods.io
To offer seamless, unified workplace communications, integration is key. This provider of video conferencing solutions offers many of these integrations out of the box. For everything else, they use webMethods.io.

:open_book: Foreach Brewing: Simplifying back-office integration with webMethods
As a craft brewery, you need to be able to focus on beer, not back-end processes. Foreach Brewing turned to webMethods.io to integrate its systems and focus on what was really important for their business. Cheers.

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See you in the next issue with more captivating videos and stories. Until then, if you have a story you’d like to share, just let us know.

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