Seeds of Change and Connection from IUG2022

Hi Tech Community,

Hope you all had the chance to participate at the lovely International User Conference 2022 #IUG2022. Either virtually or you were privileged enough to be in Den Hague in person.
(As I posted yesterday the recordings from the sessions are available until the 30th of September.)

Loved that the ARIS team was giving out these Let’s grow a sustainable future together! plantable cards! :slight_smile:

The other day I planted one. :slight_smile:

Not every plant likes a metal container, but that is what I had around the house. Crossing fingers that it will work out!

I soaked the card in water, even though that wasn’t on the instruction on the back, but I thought it would help with sprouting.

On 2/3s of your soil, you put the card. and add additional soil and keep it moist for 10 days, which will be hard as I am gone for the next 1.5 days, but let’s see.

I keep you posted on whether this will grow :slight_smile:

At registration they also gave out some flower seeds.

I found a clay pot for it and added it to my little collection :slight_smile:

Please share your attempts too :slight_smile:

P.S. I posted this to the ARIS community too: Wonderful International User Group Conference last Week! IUG2022 | ARIS BPM Community


That’s a really thoughtful gift and a great cause behind it.
Curious to see how they are growing :slight_smile:

I am spending some time off with my daughter visiting from the US. Therefore only a quick update from the 9th of June. After 3 days the first shoots came out of the ground. :slight_smile:

Today is day 9 and the shoots are looking healthy :slight_smile:
Still nothing from the ARIS seeds paper. Did I put it too deep into the ground?
I’ll keep you posted!