Support for Solaris 10


Our company is considering in the midst of installing webmethods6.5. We have 3 options

  • Get Sun Microsystems’s UNIX server (Solaris 10)
  • Fujitsu PRIMEPOWER series server (Solaris 10)
  • Redhat/Suse

I know webMethods support Solaris OS, but does the engineers @ webMethods provide support only for Solaris on SUN’s hardware or Solaris on any hardware by other manufacturers (Fujitsu) ? Lastly, anybody have any suggestions regarding which would be a better platform for webmethods6.5, Solaris or Redhat/Suse ?? Any form of help would be deeply appreciated.

There’s no “better” platform for running webMethods software, without knowing more about your environment. Factors include how comfortable your IT staff is with the different platforms (i.e., if they run lots of Solaris boxes, then a Red Hat box is going to be hard to manage efficiently - or vice versa), as well as cost, performance, etc.

From a purely performance perspective, Intel/AMD hardware is much faster for the money, assuming you’re CPU limited. The operating system is a relatively minor concern. So if you’re trying to get maximum performance, I’d suggest either Solaris or Linux on an Intel/AMD box (the Sun AMD Opteron boxes are very nice).

If you’re not CPU limited (Broker would be an example), then the disk subsystem matters more than the CPU type, speed, or operating system.

Thanks Jeremy,
I know Solaris is a Tier1 platform, so the fixes are produced for that tier first. Where does RedHat Linux, and the other Linux variants, fall in the platform Tier?

A better way to ask this question: Would Linux releases happen at the same time as the Solaris releases?

We’re running on Sun Solaris 10 and recently, on Fujitsu PP650 Sol10. We’ve not seen any differences working with one versus the other yet, but I’ll report back in if we do.

Hi all,

Thanks for the helpful reply.

Does webMethods provide support for your system that’s running on Solaris 10 (Fujitsu PP650 machine) ?? I’m concerned that webMethods would ONLY provide support for Solaris 10 running on Sun hardware. Would they also provide support for Solaris 10 that is running on other vendor’s hardware (e.g. Fujitsu) ?


They do support Solaris on Fujitsu hardware.
I’ll let webMethods reply for their support on other vendor’s hardware. Do you have anyone specific in mind?

Hi Randy,

Thanks for the clarification. :slight_smile:

Hi Kevin and Randy, wanted to provide a couple of clarifications:

  • we have the same support policy for all OSes that we support (when we GA a release it becomes available on all supported platforms at the same time)
  • our Solaris 10 support is based on processor type only (we support Solaris 10 on both SPARC and AMD Opteron processors)

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