EntireX Application Monitoring on Unix


EntireX 8.2 SP2 supports Application Monitoring for wM Optimize. However, in the documentation, it mentioned “EntireX Broker” and “Natural RPC Server” are not supported on Unix platform. Our client’s scenario is “Java Client → EntireX Broker → Natural RPC Server → Adabas”. Does it mean application monitoring could not be applied ?

Would it be supported in future roadmap ?

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Hi Tony, I attach a table of supported platforms for Collectors. I see Unix is supported.
You can download collectors with webMethods Installer from Download Center - as part of Optimize.

The release notes for EXX 8.2.2 do not mention any exclusion of Unix:
Support for Application Monitoring
The EntireX Broker, several RPC clients and servers have been enhanced to support application monitoring. The EntireX components collect response times that are processed by the Application Monitoring Data Collector. This data collector is part of the product Optimize for Infrastructure for Enterprise Transaction Systems. Starting with version 8.2 SP2, EntireX contains the Application Monitoring functionality. For details see Guide for Enterprise Transaction Systems in the webMethods Optimize for Infrastructure documentation.

I looked here in Optimize documentation:
Again I did not find reservations about Unix.

Can you quote your source? Shmuel Coller

EMC822.bmp (1.44 MB)

Tony, what do you need on Unix (and which Unix)? Broker and/or Natural?

Shmuel, see here:
Components Which Support Application Monitoring

thanks Rolf, indeed I was not aware

Hi Ralf,

The platform is Solaris. Both Broker & Natural RPC Server are on these platform. According to Product Manager, R&D will shortly start to enable these components on Unix.