Could you give me a full list of platforms on which Tamino is available ?

There is a short list at FAQ page (I don’t know if it’s up-to-date) and a suggestion to check “Availability” web-page. I found a page but it’s blank.


Thank you for pointing this out. The site has just been revamped and we slipped up here. Apologies.

I will forward your note to the webmaster.

In the mean time, Tamino XML Server is available on the following platforms:

Windows NT
Windows 2000 Prof/Server/Advanced Server
Windows XP (probably by March next year)
Solaris UltraSPARC
SuSE Linux (IA-32)
Red Hat Linux (IA-32) (early next year)
mainframe OS390
mainframe SuSE Linux (S390)

Contact your local Software AG office for more details.

David Galpin
Tamino Product Marketing