Tamino on Sun Solaris 8 (64bit) and Server extensions


At this moment in the Sun Solaris 8 (64bit) environment it isn’t possible to use Tamino Server Extensions. The reason for me is not clear at this moment. On the other hand in the Sun Solaris 7 (32 bit) it is possible to use them.

Is there somebody who can explain me why on the Sun Solaris 8 (64 bit)Tamino server extensions can’t be used? I like to use some Java written extensions there and when I use a java -version on the Sun machine, then he shows me that a JVM is avavilable.


There is an explaination in the README.TXT that comes with Tamino on Solaris :

Apparently the Tamino Server Extensions on Sun Solaris rely on certain components within the Sun Solaris system. These components, which are available in the 32 bit mode, have not yet been made available from Sun in 64 bit mode. So, unfortunately, Software AG cannot do anything about this until Sun has got around to providing the missing technology. As soon as Sun provides the missing bits, the Server Extensions will become available for Solaris 8 as well.
Dave G

is better than mine!

I had not seen his response when I wrote mine, but his response is spot on.

Dave G


According to Stuart, everything seems to be ready to use the Tamino Server extensions in 64bit mode due to the release of the JRE 64bit. On the other hand daved is mentioning that some Sun Solaris technology is missing. What do you mean with that Dave?

My other question, can the 32 bit version be used on the 64bit environment?


Hi Walter,

Just to answer part of your question about can you use 32bit version on 64bit platform. I guess by this you mean running the Tamino 32bit version on Solaris 8. In theory it should work, I remember quite some time ago installing Tamino v2 (32bit) on Solaris 7 running in 64bit mode and it worked no problem. However I will say that if there is a problem it cannot be supported because it is not the correct kit for the operating system and there could be unknown incompatabilities.