Tamino Unique Constraints Server Extension 4.1.1 released in

Hello Everyone.

As you may have read here, we have released a Tamino 4.1 Server Extension which enforces Unique Constraints.

Our intent is that questions about this Server Extension be addressed on this Forum, so please post your experiences here.

Have fun!

Hi Trevor,

As the server extension is written in Java, could it be deploy on Unix platform as well? Some customers on this platform are asking the same question.

I am looking forward to your reply.

Hi Tony,

I think that the best answer for this question is “not quite yet”.
The Server Extension uses triggers, a feature that has only been available since Tamino 4.1 - which is only in public release for Windows platforms at the moment.
Once the Unix versions of Tamino 4.1 (and higher) become available, we will also support the Server Extension on those platforms.

As you mentioned, the Server Extension is implemented in Java, so I do not expect there to be big problems with using the same binaries on different platforms.
We will run the test suite on the different platforms though, just in case… :wink:

If you let me know which specific Unix versions your customers are interested in, I will put those on the top of the testing list.



Tamino 4.1.x for Unix platform will be released soon. Hope this Server Extension can be tested on Sun Solaris platform first.


Hi Tony,

we will definitely support the Server Extension for Tamino 4.1.4.
(Some testing has already been done, and we found that it will be necessary to re-compile the Java classes for Tamino 4.1.4, due to a strange problem that seems to be related to the switch from JRE 1.3.1 to JRE 1.4.1.)


is it now available for HPUX_11I-P64_INSV4142 or included?
regards Ivo

Hello Ivo.

I’m sorry, but the Unique Constraints Server Extension is not available for Tamino 4.1.4.x (on any OS) yet.

As soon as it is released an announcement will be made in the Community.


Hello Trevor!
Do You have a time schedule for this.
Does it make sense to try it out by our own before.

Hello Ivo,

I don’t have a time schedule for it at the moment, but your request does increase the priority.
Please stay tuned - I will investigate when the SXS can be released and let you know.


Just to close this thread cleanly: the Tamino Unique Constraint Server Extension is now available for Tamino 4.1.4.

It can be downloaded from the downloads page: