INOSXE7126-Server extension failed

Any clue why I am getting this error, while trying to insert a valid unique doc :

- <ino:message ino:returnvalue=“7126”>
<ino:messagetext ino:code=“INOSXE7126”>Server extension failed</ino:messagetext>
ino:messagelineINOSXE7114:Java error:java.lang.LinkageError:Class org/w3c/dom/Node violates loader constraints</ino:messageline>

I am using java 1.4.1 from Sun.


hi roy,

this would appear not be server extension specific:

yes, this is only very limited help.

andreas f.

Hello Roy,

could you please tell us which version of Tamino and “Unique Constraint Server Extension” you are using?

It would also be useful to know exactly which JDK 1.4.1 version Tamino is using when the error occurs. (Have you modified the Tamino installation to use a different JDK to the one installed with Tamino?)


Hi Trevor,

I am using following :

1. Tamino
2. Unique Constraints Server Extension Version 4.1.4
3. Tamino Hotfix dated 12.June.2003
4. JDK 1.4.1 while Tamino is running.

No I have not modified Tamino installation.

Do let me know if you need more info.


Hello Roy,

could you please post the schema definition (.TSD) and XML document that you are using when the error occurs?
(You can also e-mail them to me, if you don’t want to post in on a public forum. My e-mail address is in my profile.)