Submitting EDIInt Payloads to TN

I’m having difficulty having the EDIInt message to submit the payload
data back to TN for processing. I read a post on here that suggest
looking on the server and making sure that the “Submit payload to TN” box
is checked. It is. Also, the doc type being submitted is application/xml. So there aren’t any problems there. The EDIInt message comes in fine, with the payload, but does not seem to be automatically submitting the payload back to TN for processing. Is there a setting somewhere I’m overlooking?
Everything else works fine, the MDN, etc. Just need the payload to auto submit back to TN for processing. Any thought? Thanks.


Try to reload the WmEDIINT and WmTN packages. Maybe it’s erroring out. If you want to know what’s going on, you can debug the service wm.EDIINT.rules:processMsg and see if your payload is being processed to be submitted to TN.


Are you still having the issues with the payload processing?? Did you tried the above said comments.??Basically if you checked Submit Payload to TN then it should work automatically…Are you seeing any errors in the server logs/Activity logs??
What is your TPA currently using Default or partner specific?


If you have a payload save it to a file.
In TN go to Doc Types
Run this document through and see if it finds a document type
If no document type is found you will have to create one.

Once you have created the document type you should create a processing rule.

Your WmEDIINT was working fine.
It could NOT identify the document or a processing rule.

I do NOT KNOW why it did not show up in TN as unknown Xs three.
Hope this helps