Submit RNO to Pip3A4 Seller model

I have a problem here.
If we take the Pip3A4 model, we have both the buyer and seller model.
How can i avoid the buyer model and send a Pip RNO to Seller model.

If I use the buyer model, it formats the doc into Pip structure and puts it under documents doc, and other docs like Preamble header…etc and finally calls the ip:send service, which inturn calls the pub.client:http, which takes the input as tn:receive and thus sends the RNO.

If I have to do away with the Buyer model, how can I call the tn:receive service, with all the content headers and types, and part contents.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Muralidhar B

Which version of RNIF are you going to be using? RNIF 1.1 or RNIF 2.0? Also, which of the webMethods product are you going to be using?
If you can give me this information I can send you a package with some instructions to achieve this!

Thanks for your message.
I am using RNIF 2.0, and I was referring it as RNO, sorry it was RBM.
and webMethods 6.1 version we are using.

Pls let me if this info. enough for you.

Muralidhar B

Hi Muralidhar,

I have a package that will do just what you expect. Can you send me your email address where I can email you the package and some quick instructions? Or if you want me to post/ftp the package some where, I can do that as well!