Submit RNO to Pip3A4 seller modelRosettanet

I have a problem here.
If we take the Pip3A4 model, we have both the buyer and seller model.
How can i avoid the buyer model and send a Pip RNO to Seller model.

If I use the buyer model, it formats the doc into Pip structure and puts it under documents doc, and other docs like Preamble header…etc and finally calls the ip:send service, which inturn calls the pub.client:http, which takes the input as tn:receive and thus sends the RNO.

If I have to do away with the Buyer model, how can I call the tn:receive service, with all the content headers and types, and part contents.I want to craete a RNO on my own and submit.Is it possible?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Muralidhar B


You can make use of Buyer RNO and similarly build it as a SellerRNO by changing the headers (preamble/serviceHeader/Payload) information like GBS (GlobalBusinessIdentifiers–for example DUNS Id’s ,conversationId’s etc…and then call wm.ip.rn:receive (WmRosettanet Service)this will act as a TN gateway.

BTW,what version of IS/TN and RNIF you are working on?


Thanks for your message.
I think you did not get my problem.
It is like I should not use the buyer model, and any built in services like , which creates the headers(preamble…) and sends to Trading partner.

I am using IS 6.1, and RNIF 2.2. So it is RBMs.Sorry, i referred to RNO in my prev. mesg.That was my mistake.

And one more thing is, if i use ip.rn:receive, or tn:reveive, it worked for me.
Can you pls let me know if you have any idea on that.

Muralidhar B

Sorry i have not yet worked with RNIF2.2 framework which is RBM’s,may be someone will jump into this…

First, is there really RNIF 2.2!?! Sorry for my ignorance, but I have been doing RosettaNet implementations for quite a few customers over 5 years, and am quite shocked to hear of such a version. Latest validated version that I’m aware of is V2.00.01.

Second. If we’re talking about submitting an archived RBM (say, from one IS to another for testing), then you can just take the RBM and send to wm.ip.rn:receive. Trick is that there’s a lot more info in HTTP headers than RNIF 1.1.

If you want to create your own RBM, boy… It’s troublesome. You’d have to be very familiar with the multipart structure of the RBM. Why would you want to do that though? After all, that’s what wM’s RosettaNet package do for you.

Easiest way is just to kick off Buyer Model using just PIP 3A4 PO Request [Service Content] as your internal document, do a simple one-line map (copy PIP3A4PurchaseOrderRequest to under /documents/Payload) and have WmRosettaNet send it for you. I’d recommend using two servers instead hosting the two “Trading Partners” on one server. Much less confusing.