Strange Error on IS 9.5

Hi All,

We are getting the following error on 2 new webMethods IS 9.5
Eror : “wm.prt.status:handleChangeCommand
[Exception: Unable to connect to database!] not found in “com.wm.resources.CoreExcpMsgs”.”

Both The IS only have an internal embedded Database. There is no PRT Engine configured on them.

Could any body tell me what could be the reason for these msgs ?

Also, we have these errors exactly at the same time stamm on both Integration Servers.

I could not find any reference of the above error in the error reference guide.


Contacting SAG global support would help…

Please check this Empower article or contact SAG tech support as it is on the newest 9.5

Most likely this can fix it and assuming you have installed WmPRT package and not configured ProcessEngine pool alias as some thing might be using PRT related like conversationID:[Exception:|Unable|connect|database!]|not|found|com.wm.resources.CoreExcpMsgs&SessionID=75480972


Can you look at any fixes that are available for PRT? I believe latest one is 8.2.1 PRT fix. Did you migrate to latest db scripts of process engine.

Please let us know after performing above specified things.


Please check the above article the main reasons for the errors that you are facing and possible situations.


Hi RMG and all,

Thanks for your quick replies.
RMG: Thank you for the article and your advice. We did install but not needed the WmPRT package.
I disabled them and my problem is solved.

The article threw some light on Trading networks. Thank you for that, but we are not using them actually.

So, the small fix helped me.

Many thanks for all your inputs.


Assumed so…glad to hear issue resolved : :smiley: