Strange display of business process in MWS


Working on 9.10 version.
When displaying a business process in MWS even with Administrator user the checkbox “Excution Enabled” reamins empty whereas the process is active. Furthermore I can’t have the list of “enabled resubmissions”.
Strange as the service of WMPRT package “getModelQoS” returns right configuration.
I can’t either resubmit a business process instance even with “Administrator” user.

Any idea ?

Build Date: 2016-08-28
Installed Fixes: MWS_9.10.0_Fix2

Hi Daniel,

please apply MON_9.10_Fix5 and OPT_9.10_Fix7 to your IS and MWS if not already done so.

Please check if you have DES_9.10_Process_Fix3 applied to your Designer.

Is PRT_9.10_Fix2 appplied to your IS?


Thanks for answer.

As we are currently building the development instance wouldn’t it be more efficient to apply a whole bunch of fixes instead ?

I am quite new in webMethods so my questions might be stupid.


Hi Daniel,

sure, if it is the first time pacthing your wM environment, it is recommended to apply all available recent Fixes for the products/components you are using.

I was just asking for the most relevant ones related to the issue.


My very personal take on this, I try to be very selective with applying fixes. I’ve been burned one too many times by applying all fixes at once.

If you do plan on applying all fixes at once, I recommend taking a snapshot of the server before doing so. This way you will have an easier rollback if you run into issues.



I agree with Percio (at least partially).

But this also depends on how big the installation directory is.
When there are all components installed in one central installation directory this gets tricky, but if you have different installation directories with only parts of the components this will be easier.
Sure, there might some common fixes which have to be applied to each of them, but in total UpdateManager will be faster on most of the installations.

The most complex component turned out to be the MWS and its addtional UI components (at least for me).