Wrong status of business process definition in MWS in WM 9.10


We are working on installation of Webmethdos 9.10.
I have an issue in MWS for business processes : they don’t seem “execution enabled” and the list of “resubmission steps” remains empty whereas the use of service getmodelQoS of WmPRT package shows that these properties are correct.
More over the process gets executed correctly.
Even with user “Administrator” it doesn’t work.

Does someone has an idea about this ?

Regards .

Hi Daniel,

please check if you Monitor installed to IS and MWS and if the WmMonitor package is configured correctly.

The pages in MWS rely on services on the WmMonitor package.



Thanks for your answers.
I fianlly found out that some customization was missing at some places. The contractor didn’t customize everything and some was wrong.
It is now working better but I am facing a new issue when resubmission is trigerred; I coudn’t yt find any clue .

wm.prt.status:handleRestartCommand :
com.wm.data.BasicIDataCodable cannot be cast to com.wm.app.prt.event.EventMetaData

Hi Daniel,

I am currently fiddling with a similar issue since more than a year now:

Which is still not answered by the community.
I think I will have to ask Support Team for assistance.

How are you triggering your resubmission?
Is the Messaging system setup as well as JNDI/JMS-Destinations/Topics?

Makre sure that you have applied the corresponding set of fixes for Monitor and Monitor UI component as well as a reasonable Fix for ProcessEngine/ProcessRunttime.



I have this trouble with MWS which is quite weird.
I have updated componenets with fixes but still have the same issue.

I noticed that in Designer I have a error message “wm.prt.monitor:getModelQos” “Error getting the Event settings from the database”. I guess that something was either badly done during installation or badly customized. I didn’t yet found any clue . I think things are linked as the casting error deals with EventMetadata…

Any idea will be welcome :slight_smile:



Do you have Optimize installed?
Is it already configured?

Best Regards,


are there any entries in the server.log or error log which relate to the issue?

Which Fixes were applied exactly?
Fixes for Designer, IS, PRT, database?


Hi ,

I made apply fixes for several components :

I add no trouble to create a BPm and deploy it . But after having run a scan package I now get an error :

Error : writeFragmentToIS
Error accessing services in the WmPRT package. Please make sure WmPRT package is installed and enabled on your IS connec.

I didn’t modify anything in the configuration of WmPRT.

I can’t even see the list of processes in WMPRT monitoring page…

Any idea ? Is the package totally corrupted?

Hi David,

please provide the complete error message.

Shutdown IntegrationServer, rename server.log and restart the server again.

Please provide us the new log file.


Hi Holger

I found out by myself what was wrong.
Everything is working fine now. I also can resubmit processes as the WmPrt packages was not installed in each IS. Done now and working fine.