I want to know if I understood well.

Store works to insert records into banks and banks Adabas SQL also?

Insert-SQL only works with SQL database?

To access any SQL database with Natural Entire Access is required (paid)?

Sorry, Claudio, but (this is my humble opinion) it looks like this time your questions are too vague …
Do you really want/need to access “ANY SQL database with Natural Entire Access” ? What do you mean by “SQL database”? I think you are rising some points of rather academic interest with your “ONLY” and “ANY”; why don`t you want to be more specific?

This is just my own opinion - I stress it, of course :slight_smile:
Best regards,

Sorry and thank you.

“Store” works to insert records into Adabas and mysql/sqlserver also?

“Insert-SQL” only works with mysql? or Adabas also?

I hope it is clear now.

Well, it is certainly more clear now indeed :slight_smile:
As for STORE, it works perfectly fine to add (or “insert” if you insist) a record into an Adabas file, and you may read here about it:

As for MySQL / SQL Server you should rather ask those specialists I’m afraid.

The following link would give you a lot of info about
“Insert-SQL” regarding Adabas database; I regret but I have no clue as for MySQL, sorry

My understanding is that INSERT works only with SQL databases, but STORE works with SQL and Adabas databases. Perhaps INSERT would work with Adabas if Adabas SQL Gateway were present.