Start of Databse 12 failed!

Hi, I have installed Adabas for community edition for learning purpose. And after creating the Demo DB when I try to start the DB I get the following error msg:
Start of Databse 12 failed!

Reading configuration data from C:\ProgramData\Software AG\Adabas\db012\DB012.INI
%ADANUC-I-STARTED, 06-MAY-2012 14:24:32, Version (Windows 64Bit)
%ADANUC-I-PARSET, setting of BI=
%ADANUC-I-PARSET, setting of CLOGBMAX=4096
%ADANUC-I-PARSET, setting of DBID=12
%ADANUC-I-PARSET, setting of LAB=1048576
%ADANUC-I-PARSET, setting of LABX=20971520
%ADANUC-I-PARSET, setting of LBP=100M
%ADANUC-I-PARSET, setting of LPXA=10
%ADANUC-I-PARSET, setting of LWP=1000000
%ADANUC-I-PARSET, setting of MGC=50
%ADANUC-I-PARSET, setting of NCL=50
%ADANUC-I-PARSET, setting of NT=3
%ADANUC-I-PARSET, setting of NU=20
%ADANUC-I-PARSET, setting of TNAA=3000
%ADANUC-I-PARSET, setting of TNAE=3000
%ADANUC-I-PARSET, setting of TNAX=3000
%ADANUC-I-PARSET, setting of TT=3000

%ADANUC-F-CPULIC, Number of CPUs restricted by licensing, CPUs online 8, CPUs licensed 4
%ADANUC-I-IOCNT, 2 IOs on dataset ASSO
%ADANUC-I-ABORTED, 06-MAY-2012 14:24:32, elapsed time: 00:00:00

Any suggestions?


Your choices are to remove CPUs in your machine to 4 or fewer or install on a device that meets the CPU limitation requirement.

Where do you have the license file from?
Do you intent to run the community edtion or is it for another purpose?

I am using community edition
(Software AG Natural 6.3 and
Software AG Adabas

. I installed the above mentioned Natural and Adabas on virtual machine which has XP on the same laptop and it worked fine.
So why I am getting CPUs online 8 when I am starting Demo DB on Windows 7?
Any suggestions?

New Question:
Also if you guys can help me, about how to connect Natural with Oracle Database? I want to use Oracle DB in Natural community edition.

Kevin, if I understand you correct; you haven’t installed a license file for Adabas yourself?
Please delete any Adabas license file(s) and start nuc again. The community edition used to run without a license file but with limited functionality only.

For Natural against Oracle you need Entire Access. But I don’t think it is available in a community edition.

I have installed the community addition on my windows 7 laptop. The databse will not start , claiming I have 8 CPUS.

Is there a solution to this problem. This is my work computer and there are limits to how much I can change it. I am trying to evaluate NaturalOne and need adabas to do the tutorials.

Hi Sara,

You could try installing on a virtual machine with 1 virtual CPU or talk to your friendly SAG account manager who might be able to arrange for a trial licence key for you. Do you have an older Core 2 Duo PC around that you could use?


Graeme Lane


I had the same problem when trying to start the database. It gave me the message “%ADANUC-F-CPULIC, Number of CPUs restricted by licensing, CPUs online 8, CPUs licensed 4”.

I am running Windows 7 Home Premium and when I looked at the ‘Control Panel\Device Manager’ and clicked on the processors it showed 8 of them. I am giving the solution which I used below. It worked for me!..

To reduce the number of CPU’ online.

  1. Open Start menu, Click on Run, type in msconfig and click OK
  2. In the System Configuration Window, Boot tab Click on the Advanced Options button
  3. In the second window that opens up check the Number of processors checkbox and enter the number of processors as 4 and click OK.
  4. Click apply on the first window and restart your PC when prompted.

I was able to start the datbase after this. Hope this would help some future users!..

All the best guys, Keep trying.

Cijo Joseph

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Hi joseph I am new to the natural and adabas community and I was also facing the same problem of database not starting. Your solution worked perfectly for me. Once again thanks for helping.