Solaris - etbstart BROKER-ID

Imperfection when I go start in the Entirex:

bash-2.05# etbstart ETB048
3038 Killed
Waiting for Broker ETB048 (pid=3038) to come up …

Error: Broker startup failed.
Check log file /exx//etb/ETB048/ETB.LOG.3021

bash-2.05# more more ETB.LOG.3021
more: No such file or directory
:::::::::::::: /exx//v711//bin/etbnuc: fatal: open failed: No such file or directory /exx//v711//bin/etbnuc: fatal: relocation error: file /exx//v711//bin/etbnuc: symbol XTS_V21: referenced symbol not found

How I can decide this problem?

Thank you.

  1. appears that the environment variable “XTS_V21” is not set and should be.
  2. A support request will probably solve your problem most quickly.

How to adjust the environment 0 variable “XTS_V21”?