Start Broker remotely


I can stop my EntireX Broker remotely from a Unix prompt using

etbcmd -b ETB-DEV:12971 -c SHUTDOWN -d BROKER

And I can check the status of the broker using

etbinfo -b ETB-DEV:12971 -d SERVICE

Is there any way to remotely start the Broker?

I only have high-level information about this because I wasn’t directly involved in developing it. Also, this was done to start an EntireX server rather than EntireX itself, but that shouldn’t matter. We would do an HTTP PUT or GET (don’t remember) to a URL. The URL was for the Linux VM where we wanted to start the server. The HTTP message was sent as part of the EntireX start process on z/OS. That’s it.

I assume that when the HTTP message was received a script was invoked that started the EntireX server. The script could have started anything, including an EntireX instance, if we wanted one to run on that VM. I also assume that the HTTP message was received by a Tomcat instance running on the Linux VM.

I know this isn’t much but I hope it helps.

Maybe you can simply use rsh?

Thanks Wayne,

The EntireX server is a very locked down windows box that I don’t think I could add a script to. Any extra info would be much appreciated though.

Hi Rolf,

Thanks for replying.

What do you mean by rsh? Is this an option/parameter of etbcmd or a different command?

Hi Ian,

Rsh is “remote shell” - widely used on Unix to remotely execute a command (I thought the Broker is running on Unix). But I think this is also available on Windows.

What version of EntireX is running on Windows and how is the Broker managed on the Windows box? Is it the “default Broker”?

Hi Rolf,

The Broker is running under EntireX version on a Windows 2008 server. It’s not the default broker as we have a production, UAT and development broker on there. I would prefer to be able to start them individually if possible

The Attach Manager is version running on an AIX7 server

Hi Ian,

If SMH (System Management Hub) is installed on the Windows box you can start a Broker from a Browser:

Hi Rolf,

Sorry I probably wasn’t clear enough. I’m looking for a way to start the Broker automatically from within a Unix script.

I can stop and start Attach Managers and stop the Broker from a script, but I then can’t start the Broker and have to log on manually through SMH

I’m not so familiar with SMH, but I’m pretty sure that you can start a Broker remotely in a script using an argbatch command.
Of course you also need an SMH installation on your Unix box.

Commands would be something like:

argbatch set environment user=myuserid password=mypassword
argbatch set environment product=“webMethods EntireX 8.2”
argbatch set environment target=
argbatch start broker broker=

Hi Rolf,

Thanks, this seems to be the type of thing I’m looking for.

I used to have SMH on the Unix box to control Entire Network, but we no longer use that so I think it got removed when we moved servers.

The argbatch command exists, but won’t start because

Could not load program argbatch:
Dependent module could not be loaded. exists but obviously isn’t getting started.

I think I need to change tack and see if I can get SMH working again, then presumably try to get it to remotely control the EntireX instance on the windows server. Once I’ve got that working I can use the argbatch command to start the Broker.

Does that sound right?

Check your PATH setting to make sure that argbatch and dependent modules are in it. It seems as if you are very close.

Hi Ian,

yes, I think this should work.

I like to add that the situation will change a bit once you upgrade to a more recent version of EntireX.
With EntireX 9.12 we have dropped support of SMH. Since EntireX 9.9 we use the new management tool Command Central.