Software AG Platform manager 9.5

First question: Is this the right place to post this?

Second one (the real problem):


We have a server (windows 2008 64bit) where we are testing new installation and configurations.
Atm we got several instances installed in differend folders. Everyone of them got a service “Software AG Platform manager” (4 differend windows services)

First thing I want to know is where I can find the configured port for those. Is there a folder a log file or config file where I can change it. Because i can’t find alle the ports for those services. And i want to vieuw them all in Command center (also installed on this server)

Next thing, I was trying to log in using windows console of command center (cc list landscape nodes -e ONLINE -u Administrator -u manage) and I always got a acces denied error, i have tryed using differend cc commandes like cc list configuration, …)
Anyone that had that problem and knows why it does that?
(I’m using the correct password and user name), I also followd this blog for more info:

You can see your port details in server.cnf at \IntegrationServer\config


Yes, and Welcome to SAG wM Tech users community.

server.cnf (config file) should give you the regular port information on each installed IS node and there on you can give the wM installed path in the Command Central it retrieve’s all the IS’s information in the dashboard via platform manager client in the back ground.


thanks for the fast reply,
I checked the server.cnf doc and could not find the port information for http/https of the Platform manager

But I found the location where it is defined. (propably not the most fitting sollution, but hey it works)
In your installation folder of webMethods you got the following path:
On this location you can find 2 files that have the platform http/https port
In those files you find the configured ports.

I have tested this and you can give your platform manager service a other port number if you change
those files. But I would not recomand it.

Did you also check ports.cnf (config file)


I don’t think that you have a port.cnf file on 9.5 (I could not find it anywhere) but I could be wrong.
I also found this: in migration manual: 7.1 upgrade: Merges the Integration Server port.cnf and listeners.cnf file.

Sorry you are right from 8.x…

The new location for the ports info is:



The configured port for SPM can’t be found there

SPM (software AG platform manager) is a component that links your Control Center and your components.
So you can have a mws stand alone installation with platform manager and no IS

atm i’m missing something like a basic file/overview for al components that you got installed with their configured ports.
now you need to go to deferent locations to find the configured ports.

Right click on 4 differend windows services and you will know the path where exe is mapped to and from there you can get to know the ports from respective config files

Little late for the reply but I thought I will post it for people who would want to know about it.

So, finding the port can be done by following below steps:

  1. Go to the Command Central UI.
  2. Under the environment>Instances page, click on SPM for the specific platform manager you are looking for.
  3. Click on Configuration tab and then from the drop down, select Ports.
  4. The defaultHttp and default Https properties are the ones which specify what port is used for that particular SPM.
  5. You can click edit and then save it.
  6. Restart the platform manager
  7. Configure the new port in Command Central for that SPM so that it connects to it by going to the Installations tab and selecting the particular installation.

good deal :smiley: