software AG empower user name and password incorrect

I’m trying to install the free trial of 2017 October (Apama and webMethods 10.1, etc) and the installer asks me for my Software AG Empower user name and password. I entered the user name and password I use to access this forum (which is the only username and password I have for software AG) and I get the message “the user name or password you entered is invalid”.

The Installer asks for your Empower credentials to download software. If you’ve already downloaded the trial, then try

  • Advanced Options
  • Images
  • Use installation image

The two files I have are softwareagInstaller and I don’t have Empower credentials.

I presumed that the procedure for WebMethods was the same as with other trials and that you had been sent an e-mail with a license key and a link to a zip download. With that zip file as your installation image there would be no need for Empower credentials.

Thanks for the tip, I hadn’t downloaded the webMFreeDoanload101 file yet. Reading the installation FAQ helped. After installing I’m wondering if I should have installed an oracle DB as well.

You need external DB configured in JDBC pools only if you intend to use TN, MWS , MFT. If you want to explore the plain ESB layer you do not need it.