Installing Adabas CE on Windows 10


Just downloaded and installed Natural CE and doing the same for Adabas so I can use it.

The install is asking for Software AG Empower username and password. I tries the email address I registered for these forums, but that’s not it.

Anyoe know where I could find these details?


Did you install Natural CE or the NaturalOne CE? The NaturalOne CE contains Adabas.

Empower is the Software AG customer support site. It is not the same thing as TechCommunity. If you don’t know what Empower is then it is almost certain that you do not have an account.

I don’t recall any of the CE installers asking for Empower credentials as a normal part of the install process. Could you have possibly been prompted for the credentials after the install? If yes, what were you attempting to do when you were prompted?

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A reason could be that you did not select “installing from image” when starting the SAG installer.

Good luck

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Thanks Chaps,

I’m not sure how, but I managed to download the Natural CE version rather than Natural One CE as suggested by Wayne.

Hi All,

Adabas runs on all major platforms not only on mainframe. Linux, Unix, and Windows are fully
support. On Linux we support enterprise versions but also CentOS which is an important
operating system in the area of containerization.