Software AG Designer Workstation 8.2 release

Software AG is pleased to announce the availability of Software AG Designer Workstation.

This product includes the new Local Service Development plugin version 8.2.3 and a local Integration Server 8.2. SP2 that requires a per seat Development IS license. It can be installed by using the Software AG Installer. The IS will require IS 8.2 SP2 Core Fix 3 or above for the feature to work as designed.

Software AG Designer Workstation simplifies the development of webMethods projects by providing a local webMethods runtime environment. This “development sandbox” makes it possible for you to develop and test your projects locally, eliminating the need to connect to a centralized development environment.

Software AG Designer also streamlines the process of checking in and checking out project code from your Version Control Systems (VCS) directly from Software AG Designer workstation.

The three VCS systems supported with this release are: CVS, SVN and Microsoft Team Foundation Server (TFS).

You can learn more about Local Service Development with Designer Workstation by reading the latest documentation, available in the webMethods area of the Software AG Documentation Web site

Best Regards,
Software AG Product Management