Sizing guidelines for 10.3 developer machine

I already checked “System requirements for Software AG products” but didn’tfind an answer. So here are my queries to experts.

  1. What is recommended wintel hardware specs for a developer machine that will leverage “local service development source code control feature”?
  2. Should my local environment functionally mimic the target deployment environment (DB pools, MWS etc)?
  3. Are there any sizing guidelines/benchmarks available in public domain?

Thank you

Dharmender Goyal

You can contact GCS for consultation or look at the technical reports for a baseline specs.


this depends, for which products you will be developing.

You will require all of them to be installed on the Local Service Development IntegrationServer.

As some of these require a real supported database (like TN), you will need a small variant of this one as well.
Otherwise you wont be able to develop for these products.

You should stick as close as possible to the final target environments to ease deployment of the final code.

You will require at least 10GB for the installation and another 10GB for the Installation Image and Fix Image.
Add some more for the database installation and the local workspace copy of your version control system.

You should plan at least 8GB RAM (the more the better) to run the Server instances.

More details can be discussed with GCS as Mahesh has already pointed out.