Software AG Designer - Enable Step

Why, in Software AG Designer 9.8, when you Right-Click > Enable Step, it enables, “blanket enables” everything…even the disabled code you previously needed to stay disabled/commented out?

Is there a way to fix this?

Is there a way when you “Right-Click > Enable Step” say at root section of flow code with disabled code mixed in, that it leaves the commented code alone so it stays commented out? That it doesn’t automatically “re-enable” the disabled code.


What is your requirement here ? selecting a step and right-click -> Enable/disable will only change one step.

Ashish Bania

Let’s say, you have multiple commented out lines, not just one commented out line. Then you enable step. Whether it only changes one step or not, it would be good if those commented lines stayed commented out. That is not the case though, it enables all the steps.

I understand your concerns if there are multiple lines of code under the parent step (sequence or loop etc)

The current design does not support that kind of behavior that you are expecting and should be a feature request or idea on the sag empower brainstorm.

May I know the context and rationale behind you requirement as we do not deploy any disabled line of code in a flow service on the production environment.

Thank you for your feedback. I understand that nothing gets deployed to production.

As a flow code developer that uses Designer if I have multiple/numerous lines under a parent group that were uncommented when they need to stay commented when using the “Enable” feature. That scenario has been dangerous when deploying code to our own systems as it has inadvertently cause unforeseen problems that were not an issue before. It takes a lot of time and money to go back through and comment the lines back to the way they were just because “Enable” globally enables everything under that parent group. Imagine having modified 20, 30, 40+ flow services with this exact issue. Then going back to each exact line of code and re-comment the lines back…

Understand that but if you have good processes and procedures in the place with code review guidelines the efforts can be minimal and eventually be avoided.

Please raise a request and share the ID with us I am more than happy to vote for it.

I do agree those processes do help mitigate the issue but it’s not full proof.

How do I share the ID this and get votes?

Hi Andrew,

after creating the idea / feature request in brainstorm it will get an ID number.
Additionally you receive an email with the information about the idea, which also contain this ID.

Just post the idea number to this thread.
The guys interested in the idea will then go to brainstorm themselves and might vote for your idea there.