It would be wonderful if I could have a re-ordering of things in MWS for AT. (Such as drag and drop or even arrows to click)

Example Current State:
Move (to external sftp server)

After finding that the copy pulls from the external sftp server it would be better if I did the copy first.

Example Future State:

Currently, I have to create the copy where I want it and then delete the other copy I don’t want. And in the process make sure I match them exactly.

OR if I could have a reordering ability then it would be much simpler and less likely have a chance to introduce a defect.

Unfortunately, There is no VOTE option on this forum or else I would have voted lot of thumb up by creating fake accounts :slight_smile:
I have been there and done that. We are heavily using MFT in our current customer project and this feature is a daily dream to us.
Its time we have to raise a feature request on Brainstorm I guess. If you do, please share the feature id and I will make to give it at least 5-10 thumbs ups.