Hi experts, i would like to ask whether webmethods support the SMTPS protocol for sending email and POPS for receiving email? If no, are there people able to overcome this trouble (maybe by doing alternative ways)?

Thanks in advance…

Hi, Not sure about SMTPS but for Secure Messaging you can use S/MIME messages, where you can send Encrypted, Signed or Encrypted & Signed messages to recipient and receive similer messages from sender.
For more details please refer to the ‘MIME-S/MIME Developer’s Guide’ in Developer’s user documentation.


ya u can send mail to smtp server using pub.client:smtp service present in Wmpublic package by giving details of ur smtp server as input fields to this service .

How can I specify any specific port or lets say how can I make it work with TLS. e.g. using google as the outgoing mail server.

Can u explain more abt TLS i didnt get what u want to say
But for sending mail through google as ur outgoing mail server you should know smtp mail server ip address of google server with its port number than only u will be able to send mail through this service as this service send mail using that smtp server.