Smart rule undeletable and not found on groups


I got an old project to continue with, but it seems now tha one old smart rule keeps causing error : “Real-time event processing is currently overloaded and may stop processing your events. Please contact support.”. I can not remove the smart rule from event processing rules, but i cant also find it under any of the device groups.

How can i get rid of this smart rule.

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The warning “Real-time event processing is currently overloaded and may stop processing your events.” means that the CEP server is at its limit. In this case it might happen that your CEP rules will not work in real-time for a short time or in worst case they can get disabled by the system. This will happen, when the system starts to deactivate the ten most resource consummating CEP rules and if your rule is one of those.
You will see if that happens, when your CEP rule gets undeployed. (it is shown in “Event processing” with a red exclamation mark) If your rule stays online, it is as said. It might not be realtime for the period the overload situation is in place, but all rules are working.
There are simply too many events for the CEP queue to handle, hence the message.
We are working to improve the event processing so the queue does not get overloaded in a future version.

Cumulocity IOT

I managed to remove the ghost rule from my smart rules. I now have only three disabled email notification rules there, but the error in CEP engine keeps happening and none of the email notifications work even if only one of them is disabled.

Are there some other rules somewhere what i have not found yet which might be the cause of the overloading.

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the error message might not be caused by one of your rules, but because you are using the shared CEP engine. Means, whenever that engine runs into an overload situation you will see the error on your tenant.

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