Smart Rules

We are trying to improve on this demo of a vehicle fleet

to alarm if any vehicle has been stopped too long (a breakdown). For that, it
seems we want

  1. a Smart Rule to trigger an alarm if the “speed” telemetry is 0.

  2. Then it seems we can trigger a critical alarm if that alarm has been active
    too long from one of the pre-defined Smart Rules.

How can we accomplish 1)? Whatever we have tried with the pre-existing
"Create alarm when measurement reaches explicit thresholds " rule does
not work. And we cannot create any Global Rules. Could we be subject to the limitation

Smart Rules are only visible, if the tenant is subscribed to the Smartrule application…

documented at

or is this a red herring? How to verify what we have subscribe to?


We figured out #1 as shown in this video:

but, the stopped alarm is immediately a critical
alarm, preventing us from achieving #2.

How to define an alarm as something other than a
critical alarm? We have found no way and no
documentation about this.

Hi Uwe,

if you see the SmartRule option in the menu you are subscribed to SmartRule.

When creating the SmartRule which is creating the alarm it should be possible to set the severity. Isn’t it?

best regards

At the 3 minute mark in the video above you see everything I see.
Where in that dialog is there a severity option?
If there is another place, please let me know.

Hi Uwe,

is this still a topic?

best regards

Yes, we have not made any progress on this.
We have vehicle breakdown logic with other platforms, but not Cumulocity.