Create alarm using Smart Rules - Single threshold

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Cumulocity iot 1020.296.0

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Hi it’s Luca,
We’re experimenting with smartrules to generate an alarm when a measurement exceeds a certain threshold. Currently, we are using the smartrule called “On measurement explicit threshold create alarm”.

The docs states that:

If the measurement value enters or leaves the red range, a CRITICAL alarm is generated or cleared.

However, our requirement is to have only one threshold value so that a measurement below that threshold is acceptable and above that threshold an alarm is triggered.

Using the above-mentioned smartrule, our requirement could be met by setting min=threshold and max=veryHighNumber.

Is there any other, possibly more elegant solution?

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Question related to a free trial, or to a production (customer) instance?

Hi Luca,

when using smartRules I think your approach about setting a very high number which is never reached is a good workaround.
Also you can build a very simple model in the Analytics Builder by just checking on threshold and raising an alarm when breached.
I personally would prefer the 2nd option as more elegant and flexible.