Enforcing SLA through Insight rules and policies


I am currently trying to setup wM Insight for monitoring wM IS and UMs, I am trying to setup generic policies to send alarms if there is a breach of SLA (e.g., input file is greater than 20MB, a service takes more than 30 seconds to respond., etc), I have followed the document and setup the following rules

  1. Non-aggregate rule - for every message - if response time exceeds 20 seconds - send alert (warning), if response time exceeds 30 seconds - send alert (alarm)
  2. for every message - data size exceeds 20 MB - send alert (alarm)
  3. ServiceAvailability - if no activity for 20 minutes - send alert (alarm)

So far I am able to get alerts only for the Service Availability rule which I have configured - this is early stages of the implementation and trying to setup generic rules before setting up specific enforcement policies for critical services.

Please help to how to make these rules work (I have also tried with few seconds to trigger the rule, it hasn’t helped)

Insight server version - 2021.0.1
Insight Agent Version - 2021 (12.0001)
wM IS version: 10.3

Note: I am able to see the dashboard and the nodes & services and also the statistics (response times, data size etc)

Thank you

Hi Umesh,

I would like the following information,

  1. Which is the document, you have followed ?
  2. For point no.1 is it for the ‘elapsed time’ ?
  3. For point no.2 is it for Aggregate or Non-aggregate statistic under ‘Rule Evaluation’ under ‘Specify Evaluation’ for the Rule created ?


Hi Avik

  1. I am following the “Insight 2021 R1 - Management Server Guide” which was bundled in the Installation Setup “Insight2021.0.1.zip”

  2. [for point 1.] I have configured this for the response time, I have also tried the elapsed time, but didn’t get any alert for that either

  3. [ point no. 2] I have configured non-aggregate statistic

When to Evaluate - non-aggregate statistic
Statistic - Response Time
2000.0 milliseconds (Warning Threshold)
3000.0 milliseconds (Alarm Threshold)

and then configured the warning / alarm messages,

Please note, I am getting alerts (test messages) configured for non-activity

Thanks for the response


We can have a look at it.

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