RealTime processing overloaded

Dear Cumulocity Support Team,

we got an issue which tell us
“Real Time processing overloaded, please contact support”.

See attached picture.

Best regards

Volker Schaefer

Note: The tenant is:


is there a solution or is it still ignored!

This error is detailed in the following article under troubleshooting section.

“The CEP queue for the respective tenant is full. This might for example happen when more events are created than currently be able to be handled.
In this case, an alarm will be raised. To avoid losing incoming new events, the oldest events will be deleted, i.e. an incoming new event triggers the deletion of the queue head event.”

This is for the tenants who are subscribed to the “CEP” feature, which is a shared CEP engine between many tenants.

In other words, the warning means that the CEP server is at its limit. In this case, it might happen that your CEP rules will not work in real-time for a short time or in worst case they can get disabled by the system. This will happen, when the system starts to deactivate the most resource consummating CEP rules and if your rule is one of those.

You will see if that happens, when your CEP rule gets un-deployed. (It is shown in “Event processing” with a red exclamation mark) If your rule stays online, it is as said. It might not be real-time for the period the overload situation is in place, but all rules are working.

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