Slowness in incoming messages from Trading Partner

Hello All,

We are using webMethods 9.7

Our Partners is experiencing very slow in sending the files through AS2 to our integration environment.
They are not getting any error but they observe a lot of messages in queue which are not going through in right time.

The Architecture of sending the message

  1. Partner sends the message through AS2 by invoking a URL
  2. Netscalar is connecting to the Reverse Gateway IS servers which are in cluster
  3. The messages come through the DMZ to the Internal server for processing.

We have also observed that the external url is not opening properly from the browsers. Most of the time it goes to ERR_TIMED_OUT.
The DMZ and Internal servers are running fine.
We are not getting any errors regarding this in the error logs of gateway servers or Internal servers.

When we were trying some possible fixes, we found that when we stop DMZ 2 external server, the frequency of incoming messages comes to normal but after starting the DMZ 2 external server, the frequency of incoming messages slows down again.

Have anyone faced this type of issue?


Is your DMZ/gateway servers are in HA or Load balanced software being used?

Is that slowness happening for every connection/customer using that External URL’s?

Did you configure gateway external/Registration Internal HTTPS ports with all the necessary tuning like Backlog and Private Threadpool configuration settings on both DMZ’s (same numbers) and Internal IS’s? May be it’s a worth for tuning the settings and see if that helps?