Skin property for selected input text


do someone know which skin property set the background color of selected (focused) text input and combo box?

The only way I managed to change the background color of selected text input is over the skin.css file under caf_shared/ui/css (see skin.css file snippet below). But this is no solution for me as this way of changing the color is not working for multi-tenant portals with different colors requirements.

/* custom focus */

select.waistate-domactive {
background-color: #fffff;

PS: I’m using MWS 7.1.3 with latest patch installed


In theory, this should be a very easy change to make that can be done directly in the Skin Editor. In the attached screen shots, you’ll see how i’ve selected an input-bg skin property, swapped in a different color, and then previewed that on a sample page.

I’ve also attached a Skin Properties cheat sheet as well.
Hope this helps.

Hi Mark,

this is not exactly my issue. I just wanted to set the background color for ‘focused’ input elements and not for all of them. If I do the change as described, then all the input elements become the new background color (in your example orange), but the one focused still remains light blue. What I wanted to do is to set another color for focused elements or in other words change the light blue color for selected elements to another color.

PS: Thanks for your response. This forum is really a source of usefull information for developers.


Ok, got it. Here’s the approach you should take:

  1. Create your custom skin in MWS and make sure to modify at least one color in the Skin Editor. (This helps the export process).
  2. In Designer using the MWS Admin View, export the skin into a new MWS Skin Project.
  3. Find the skin.css and look for the css that you mentioned earlier. It has a color value (in my case #eff).
  4. Modify that value, and then export the project as a geneated .skin file which you can deploy.

HOWEVER, this is not currently working. When you deploy the skin, MWS combines all the calculated properties and the custom value that you place in the skin.css is being overwritten. Please file an incident report and reference this thread.


PS: Attached is a simple skin for reference where i attempt to modify the focused input style. (57.9 KB)