Designer 10.5, how to set pipeline editor pane background color or variable name color

I’m playing with the Designer 10.5 on Linux.
Is there a way to set a background color for the pipeline pane (Service Development perspective, open a Flow Service)?

This is how the pipeline pane looks:

The pipeline pane has this white background, making impossible to view the pipeline content. I’ve waded through all options in the Windows > Prefences dialog, but I found no configuration related to this pipeline pane background color nor the variable name color.

Does anybody know how to alleviate this pain?

I notice your eclipse is in dark mode. Oddly, I don’t have the same issue as you. There are still some slight issues with dark mode, but as you see in the screen grab, the pipeline tab (on services and map steps) is rendered in dark mode from my linux environment

I typically don’t run designer in dark mode, just because certain areas don’t render as dark, like the palette, but I turned it on here without changing anything else as follows:

Under help/about, my Service Developer version is listed as the following

webMethods Service Development

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I tried it on 10.3 and don’t see the issue there as well. No other changes I did but simply selected Theme as Dark

Probably something to do with memory or something that is stopping the designer panes to load correctly.

Firoz N