Natural One - Editor Background Color

Is there an option to default / change the background color of the editor?

Maps have been designed with background color as black on the mainframe. When trying to edit these maps in Natural One/SPOD/Nat9 is very difficult. Now there is a Session option when a map is run to change colors although the background default when map is run if a dark shade of grey and its more visible.

In NaturalONE, go to
Windows > Preferences > Software AG > Natural > Editors > Map Editor > Coloring
There you can choose the background colors for the map editor. You can define different colors for the layout area, data fields, output data fields and text constants.

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Can’t find the path you mentioned … Windows > Preferences > Software AG > Natural > Editors > Map Editor > Coloring

Checked my Window(C:) C:\SoftwareAG\Natural … no editors

Natural 9.1 - When a map is openned in editor there is a Window option
It has only Next Previous Close All Cascade Tile Horizontally etc.
Main Menu - Object View Library Debug Tools Help - are the only options on the menu
Debug>Windows - The option Debug has windows and that is for Variable, Breakpoints etc



You have been asking for help for the wrong product. You are not using Natural ONE. You are using Natural for Windows and, more specifically, Natural Studio. Studio is the development environment within Natural for Windows.

With an NDV connection from Studio to a mainframe (i.e. SPoD), maps are displayed in a Terminal Emulation window, where the default colors are not very good.image

I duplicated the IBM3279 color scheme and then customized it. Choosing the new scheme once made it my default.

Thanks Doug / Ralph,

I don’t see what you see on the menu Doug. Is it possible that it has been disabled in our setup?

Ralph, I believe you mention is about the output. When you run the program. That too is bad but at least I can see.

Lukas and Douglas were offering help to users of Natural ONE. You are using Natural for Windows, so their advice does not apply to you. Natural ONE and Natural for Windows have different menu structures.

Please provide a sample image of a map in your editor, so we can see what the problem is.

Feroz, you asked “When trying to edit these maps in Natural One/SPOD/Nat9 is very difficult.”
Because I know how it works with NaturalONE, I wrote how it works there.
But as it looks, you are using Natural Studio (which is different). Changing the background color of the map editor in Studio is (as far as I know) not possible.
For the output window, it uses the grey color from the Windows system. Maybe it uses the same color for the map editor background. You may change the system color (in Windows), so that the map has another background. But this is no good idea.
I did that some times ago and all pop-ups and so on in the Windows system changed the colors and were no longer readable. So I reversed that change right away.

Thanks Lucas & Ralph,

Here is an example. Note below the yellow there are columns/array in white.

Hi All,

It begs the question as to why Natural One & Natural Studio are different?. What purpose does it serve to be different?

Regards Feroz

There is no “purpose” in the differences of the two tools :wink: It is from my point of view given by historical reasons and mainly driven by the technology behind.
Natural Studio is a C-written Windows application.
NaturalONE is an Eclipse-based Java application.
Both are completely independent implementations. NaturalONE is an extension of Eclipse and uses the Eclipse frame work which differs from a normal Windows application like Natural Studio.

Natural Studio is still supported but Software AG pushes NaturalONE as new standard editor. In former days you had to pay for NaturalONE but now it is given for free if you have a Natural license on UNIX or MF.

Have you already tried to use NaturalONE? There you can overcome the color issue in the map by setting the background colors as described before.

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