Colors on Inputs


how could i Use Colors to be displayed. I tried all possible Controll-Variables (I used a Binary redefinition and count all values) within the Input Statement and don’t get it right. I Use Nat 3.1.06 on BS2000 Terminaltype 9750.

The only Color i get is Red foreground but i want to change background color to green or blue. (Blue is medium bright, blinking and invers.; Green is underline and invers.)

Greetings Sascha

Not sure if this helps (I’m no BS2000 expert), but did you try if
enables color support ?

I tried your Terminalcommand on Commandline and then i started the following Program:

DEFINE DATA                
1 #A (A10)                 
1 #CTRL (C)                
1 REDEFINE #CTRL           
 2  #CB (B2)               
1 #I (I4)                  
#CTRL := (AD=V CD=BL)      
INPUT (AD=MI) #CB          
FOR #I = 1 TO 65536        
  #A := #I                 
  #CB := #I                
  SET CONTROL 'N'          

But i didn’t see the colors i want :frowning:

From what I found 9750 may not support color at all, but 9756 and 9763 should,
you might want to try %T=9756 or %T=9763,
but beware, this may break your terminal emulator session if it doesn’t support these types.

9763 does it :smiley: It’s funny to change it with SET CONTROL ‘T=9763’

Thank you for the right hint :slight_smile: