Need Help: Reverse Video with white text

Is there anyway to define a field with reverse video red with white text?

No, that’s not possible, simply because it would require the definition of distinct
colors for foreground / background.

Which isn’t a Natural issue, the 3270 protocol doesn’t allow for it.

Hi Wolfgang and Davalin,

Wolfgang, your comment about separate facilities for text and background is correct. However, unless I misinterpreted the the question, Davalin wants white text, which is the default when using AD=V with any color, including default, which is black.

Thus, Davalin, the following code (basically your statement) works just fine.

define data local
1 #a (a10) init <‘qwert’>
write #a (ad=v)

You can add color, for example , (ad=v cd=re) and it will also work.



ok, let’s agree on “it depends” :wink:

On a mainframe terminal emulator it … depends … on what background color you’ve set in your emulator.

For example, when I use a color scheme with a black background in Entire Connection a reverse video
will render the text in black, when I use a color scheme with a white background the text on a reverse
video field will render … white.


I suppose you are coming from the LUW side of things, where a white background is the default (or
probably the only one you can get in cases), now how do you make that display in a specific color
on a field-by-field basis ?

Won’t work.

“It depends” is clearly appropriate.

White on white. Crystal clear. :slight_smile:

Davalin, what “environment” (mainframe, PC etc; terminal emulator, etc) are you working in?



Working on a 3270 mainframe.

Thanks for your help.

As I said, and explained why, it isn’t possible to set both FG and BG colors individually for a field.