color change in code

Hi group,

I find there are different colors in some programs… can anyone tell me

  1. how to change the color of specific statement
  2. which statement is supposed to be in different color as per standards
  3. does colored statements reveal any meaning ( for example pink color statements)…

( ooops is this question sounds silly? if so i am sorry :frowning: )

I assume this is a Natural OpenSystems rather than a Natural Mainframe question :?:

They can be changed from

Tools -> Options -> Program Editor -> Colors

Thanks for your quick reply Wolf,

I am referring the code color change in mainframes and not in open systems… any idea?

There is no real “syntax colouring” on the mainframe, but anyway, you can change a number of colours by doing the following:

  • - In the program editor command line enter “profile”
    - press to get the “Additional Options” window
    - Select “Colour Definitions”

wow… i never know those options… thanks wolf… but still i find different colors in different statements under editor lines. i think we cant do that by the options you told… let me search out for those things…