SWT css

The SWT-Client ignores completely the css-information given in the choosen css-File. How can I force the SWT-Client to use the css-information or which file do I have to alter?

Thank’s for help

Well, the SWT client does not understand “css”. For modifying the general look and feel you can customize “skins”. You can reach them by pressing the congfiguration item on the top right.



is there a possibility to configurate the design / skins etc. only for one page?

Furthermore, icons are not displayed if I use the swt client and the colouring of texts by <font …> is not possible (I know - the swt client cannot interprete html, but is there another solution?).

Thanks in advance.

H. Johannes


it’s not possible to set the skin for one page.

Icons should displayed in the SWT client. Could you send me the layout and the images of the icons?

You could used the ‘textareastyle’ for the coloring like ‘color: #FFA0A0; background-color: #A0FFA0’.