Single and Bulk device registration

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I want to register devices through cumulocity Either Single device or bulk device using csv file so, what information is needed to register devices in csv for registering in cumulocity.

and also want to.
1.Manually create an excel sheet(csv) for the equipment we need to register as device in CC.
The credentials required for creating the csv
2. Import the csv in CC and user will be able to see the devices under All Devices section in CC.
3. Child devices should come under Parent device
4. Sub-child device should come under Child device

so, please describe each and every steps with example or some guide so that i can i achive these things in my cumulocity.?

Have you installed latest fixes for the products

Hi Sumit,

the device registration process via csv is documented here:

You can either do a simple registration (where you have to manually accept the device registration request) or do a full registration where you also provide the device credentials in the CSV file. In both cases, the registration wizard provides a template for the csv file. For the full registration it contains the following fields:

  • ID - the external id to assign to the device
  • CREDENTIALS - the password for the device user
  • TYPE - the device type
  • NAME - the device name
  • ICCID - the ICCID of the SIM card (leave empty if not applicable)
  • IDTYPE - the type to use for the external id
  • PATH - the group to which to add the device
  • SHELL - leave empty
  • AUTH_TYPE - set to BASIC

You cannot create child devices using bulk upload though as they typically would not have their own device credentials. It is expected that the agent on the parent device creates them.

thanks for your support @Harald_Meyer
so, for child device bulk registration from cumulocity i need to register individual to go into parents device and do single device registration right?


that depends on what a child device is for you. Normally a child device does not communicate itself with Cumulocity but all communication is handled by the parent device (e.g. in case a gateway is used). In such a case, the child devices do not need to be registered individually but the parent device will create the managed objects representing them.
If indeed your child devices communicate by themselves and require device credentials then yes each of them needs to be registered individually. You can use either single device registration or bulk registration in that case and manually establish the parent-child relationship between the two devices. Be aware that a child device created in such a manner will not only appear in the child device list of its parent but also in the all device list as it has a c8y_IsDevice fragment.

Thanks for your quick response it will help me @Harald_Meyer

Hi @Harald_Meyer and @Stefan_Witschel
I have a application name EE which i have created as parent device in cumulocity via mqtt
now I want to do bulk registration using csv but i want to see all bulk registered devices under EE as child devices so, how can i do this ?
please help me with some example or guide.
Is it possible to do bulk device registration as child devices.?

Any update ?

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