FAQ: How to register LWM2M devices to a group as bulk registration?

It is possible to assign a device to a group during bulk registration. The name of the device group needs to be passed in a CSV column called “path”.
The following CSV shows you how to assign one device to a group, and not another one:

ID,IDTYPE,CREDENTIALS,NAME,TYPE,SHELL,com_cumulocity_model_Agent,endpoint id,lwm2m server uri,securityMode,registrationLifetime,c8y_GenericUi,bindingMode,path

Result: someclient3 will be added to examplegroup.

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Having trouble with Cumulocity IOT platform .

Can’t add LwM2M device to Cumulocity platform.

Best I can get is from:

where navigated to some documentation.


And stuck till uploading file on Error MIME type of file not supported.

Your example “Full bulk registration - template” also throws that same error.

Can you please navigate me some information how I can add lwm2m client with PSK credentials?

You could add quick navigation to documentations with F1 key from sections (for me, its not working). Also add dummy LwM2M file examples, quick upload to server for tests. Its easier to change endpoint or psk in software, not to create csv file from documentations in the beginning.

Please help!

This does not answer why I got error “MIME type of file not supported” and file extension is .csv