Connection problem: LwM2M Server Internal Error 5.00


I am using

I have registered the device (.csv file) and added protocol according to the manual: LWM2M - Cumulocity IoT Guides .

My device is trying to register to coap://, but gets response from Server: Internal server error 5.00.

The same situation is with:



The attempt to reach bootstrap server, was successful, but after redirection to, the connection can not be established due to server error as described above.

Still I can successfully communicate to other servers, like:, so I wonder if there is any problem on device side.

Please let me know any possible solutions as soon as possible.
Thanks in advance.

You may have solved the problem. url for lwm2m server for is correct “”.

You should be able to bootstrap on port 5683 and server registration should work on 5783.
If you are still facing issue , can you pass your csv file ?

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