Trying to add lwm2m enabled device to cumulocity

Hi experts,

A free trial user needs our help, please see his description below:

"I’ve been trying to add my lwm2m enabled device to cumulocity platform. I’ve followed guide on your official site ( LWM2M - Cumulocity IoT Guides ) On my dashboard I can see the following: ID 2112 Name nosec_device Type c8y_lwm2m I’ve added external Id: Type: c8y_Id - AABCFE18327451 On my client device parameters I can change are: Is bootstrap server: 0 server IP: “” server Point: 5783 endpoint Name: “ID:2112,SN:AABCFE18327451” lifetime: 30 security Mode: no_sec
I’m not sure how I should configure “endpoint Name” paramter such that I see my device on cumulocity dashboard.
Can you, with data I’ve provided, give me Endpoint Name?
Or am I missing something else?

Thanks in advance.

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