LwM2M - issues with the connection from Cumulocity to the LwM2M device

Hi, I have LwM2M protocol devices registered in a Cumulocity trial version. When a device is repowered the Device Status shows both Send and Push connections online (arrows green). I can execute READ, WRITE, … all LwM2M commands from Cumulocity to the device. After a while, the Push connection status gets Not monitored (arrow grey) and for that moment forward I can no longer execute any LwM2M command from Cumulocity to the device, but the device is online and sending data to Cumulocity without any problem.

I do not see this kind of behaviour with other LwM2M platforms (Coiote, Leshan or Alaska).

Any suggestion/idea of what might be going on would be appreciated.

Thank you.


Most likely the behavior is caused by your device exceeding the client-awake time. What we do here is that we approximate the reachability of the device, and consider it to be sleeping after the client awake time has expired. Setting the value to 0 will make our solution to consider the device to be always online.

Please try adjusting this setting, see LWM2M - Cumulocity IoT documentation for details.

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