SImple example of looping,transaction n branching...

HI Seniors,

I am new to webMethods and I am just testing my skills …can anyone pls help me to test following tests :

  1. test for transaction.
    2.test for looping
    3.test for branching…

M just trying to implement these functionalities but either my approach is not correct or m taking wrong flow services as input …i have read posts also but they are in middle of some advance functionalities…pls help me…thanx in advance…


U can go with this simple senario, for looping nd branch,
list of students, append der name with Mr. and Ms. by checkin with the gender- F or M. hope this will help


i actually want to know how to do , i mean do you want to say that i should take a document type but how to read from it…n which flow services to use…m new to this technology actually…thanx in advance

hey best you can google for “7-1-1_Developer_Users_Guide.pdf” hope that helps for basic things.

go through pdf of wM dev-flow steps and reffer loop and branch steps u will get to knw :slight_smile:

thanx amol sir i have refrred to that guide but no proper examples are there…i mean i want a scenario and wat all things we have to add…!! I am a novice thats y m asking so much help…thanx

If you are looking for lab excerise you have take Training course from SoftwareAG.

To explore yourself, read Developer user Guide and Built in service guide and see code sample package from PS Utilities.